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Blessing to web developers

Categories: Web Dev

While trying to fix IE 6 *shudder* bugs today, I discovered this gem which will now and forever be in my toolbox:


Waddle waddle...


Just saying...

Categories: Random

HTML5 and JS replacing PHP...

Categories: Rants, Life, Web Dev

Yes,I love javascript, but anyone who thinks it can replace PHP, or even ASP.Net is a complete idiot living in a shiny bubble of happiness where fairies and unicorns walk on roads covered with pixie dust. The rest of us in the real world dig through bins of IE6 issues all day.

This is just... Awesome!

Categories: Web Dev

Paul Boag (@boagworld) posted this today, and frankly, I'm amazed at what people can come up with (in a very good way):

Might have to give it a try someday...

I am Martin Lefebvre, open source programmer/enthusiast and web developer looking to make my place in the world of PHP development. I have extensive experience in customer relations, having worked in customer service since 1999, while developing web sites and experiencing with different web technologies as a hobby.

My interest in both Linux/Open Source and web development led me to be passionated about open source web technologies, such as Apache, PHP and MySQL, all those being my primary work tools, and something that I have always had a great amount of interest studying.

I specialize in web management application design, the type of utilities used to administer user accounts, create trouble tickets or manage online databases.

My experience with Unix operating systems covers FreeBSD, Solaris, Linux, NetBSD and OpenBSD. I am familiar with most Linux distributions, including Slackware, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Red Hat.

This site provides access to my online resume, an overview of my web development work, ways to contact me, as well as pages on my other interests, such as music, reading and the Slackware Linux operating system.

Finally, if you are interested in my services as a PHP developer, or would like to hire me as a Unix/Linux consultant, please see my resume, or you can can contact me.

This website is the everchanging product of the new technologies and experience I discover everyday. Some of the technologies currently used by this site include:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Adobe's Spry Framework
More will be added to this list, as I love to experiment with new ideas and new technologies.

This website and its owner will never divulge any information regarding its visitors to third parties.

However, please note that to ensure the best browsing experience when visiting this website, some data is gathered when you visit. The purpose of this is to generate statistical information regarding the demography of the site's visitors, and is limited to:

  • Operating System name and version
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If this raises any concerns or causes an inconvenience, feel free to contact the owner using the Contact form, or to visit the Google Analytics web site for more information.

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