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Sometimes, during my day-to-day hacking, I find an itch to scratch, or I need to fill a hole in my requirements. That's when I write stuff...

Program: bashgallery Home Page - Download
bashgallery is a small bash application I began to write to maintain a simple yet efficient online image gallery.

Program: buildpkg Home Page - Download
buildpkg is a port of the archlinux ABS to Slackware Linux. The aim is to make it as featureful as ABS, while retaining a Slackware feel, and never look at the ABS source code.

Program: kanola Home Page - Download
kanola is a basic MPD client for KDE written in Python. Although development is currently halted, the first release is still available for download

Theme: slim-cli Home Page - Download
slim-cli is a theme for SLiM that imitates the linux terminal login screen.

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